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Temporary Serenity

The clash of chaos

Still ringing in my ears

You’ve chosen poison over sorrow

It won't give back the years


Again and again

Down the spiraling hole

This cycle hasn’t ended

Contaminating your soul


It taints the life that you brought here

The life you could make bright

If you could just choose another way

If you could just put up a fight


But your delusions have blurred

Your ability to care

You can't see what you take

There is nothing that is fair


So the gloves have come off

And you’ve been exposed to the system

That will own your right to choose

You are no longer the victim


Take ownership of your wrongs

Take ownership of your choices

Take ownership of your abuse

Take ownership of the voices


Everything is gone

This method of relief

Now I hope you overcome

All your pent-up grief


Will you falter?

For now you must face the beast

That eats at your soul

And hasn’t been released


I know that you loathe me

For my spoken truth

And your world has been shattered

With no option or excuse


But I will rest easy

When I know everyone is safe

From the wretched beast

That you cannot escape

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